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Delhi, India - 22nd November, 1999. Cass Gilbert, a 25-year old British citizen, today arrived in Delhi on the Indian sub-continent leg of his solo Sydney to London cycle ride in support of Children with AIDS Charity (CWAC). Cass left Sydney on 9th November, 1998 in a bid to raise 21,000, a pound for every kilometre of the projected 21,000 km ride.

Cass has pedalled over 15,250 km to date, across two continents and 10 countries, including Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China, Tibet and Nepal. The trip has generated very positive coverage in the many countries through which Cass has travelled and has raised much needed awareness for CWAC, the UK charity that raises money for children infected with, or affected by, HIV and AIDS.

His web site, The Long Ride Home (http://www.cyclesydneylondon.com) is up and running and he has had over two hundred messages of support on his message board. The British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, and the British Embassies in Bangkok and Kathmandu, have organised successful press conferences to help draw attention to this worthy cause.

Cass has slept in hostels, camped out, and been the guest of High Commissions as well as friends along the way. He has cycled through storms and heatwaves but has remained undaunted by the scale of the journey which should see him arrive in London by the summer of 2000.

According to this intrepid young man, one of the main highlights has been the gruelling ride across the Himalayas from Lhasa, Tibet, to Kathmandu, Nepal, reaching the Everest Base Camp - 5200m above sea level. Commenting on his experience, Cass said: "Although at times it has been incredibly demanding, the trip has brought me in touch with many people in all walks of life. Cocooned in my sleeping bag at night I need not dream. I am living what I dreamt of all those months ago."

Cass has raised 17,500 for the charity so far. He has kept in touch through his Psion and Ericsson communication system (sponsored) and through cybercafes, to send back diaries, articles and photos for the web site. Cass writes regular columns for Cycling Plus magazine and the Rough Guides publications.

Background Information

How to pledge money?

Donations or pledges can be sent directly to the charity office or to John Gibert's address (see below). There is also a direct link to the charity web site from Cass' site to make credit card donations. All money donated will be going towards reaching the 21,000 target. All donations to the charity should be made out to Children With AIDS Charity. Please put on the back of the cheque, 'CASS. SYDNEY TO LONDON.'

About Cass Gilbert

Cass, at 25, is well travelled and has spent time with Raleigh International in Guyana doing voluntary work. He has lived and travelled throughout Latin America. He taught English to Baccalaureat level in French Guyana and taught French to English children in London. He has worked as a fund raiser for CWAC. He studied classical guitar at the Royal College of Music Junior College, and the Guildhall School of Music junior college. He has taught guitar at a prep school in Wiltshire and private pupils in Dorset. He is a diver with qualifications with both BSAC and PADI, has a paragliding and swimming qualification, and is a graduate of Manchester University in Modern Languages. He is of course a keen cyclist! His other interests include running, walking, cinema, music and photography. He was educated at the Lycee Francais, South Kensington, St Paul's and Bryanston. Before leaving on this expedition, Cass has worked as a cycle courier with Security Despatch in London (good training!) and as a French teacher, saving funds for his personal expenses, organising the logistics of the journey, raising sponsorship and securing contacts along the route.

Sponsorship to Date

Equipment has been donated by Ericsson and Psion who have supplied the mobile communication system. Garmin have supplied a Garmin 111, Global Positioning System. Other sponsors are Michelin Tyres, Wheelie Serious Bikes, Terra Nova and Rough Guides Publications who are supplying all travel books relevant to the expedition. The courier company Security Despatch has been invaluable in sending spares and other equipment out, along the way. HSBC Select has donated the cost of insuring the equipment. NewsNow, the popular news portal web site, has supplied our server and valuable technical suport. The Cameron Macintosh Foundation has given a generous pledge. Peters, Fraser and Dunlop has not only been both generous financialy, but also handled Cass' writing agreements.

Pictures are available on Cass' website - http://www.cyclesydneylondon.com

For more information, please contact:

John Gilbert Camilla Hamilton
Another Old Rectory, CWAC,
Stoke Wake, Sydney to London Bike Ride,
Blandford Forum, 9 Denbigh Street,
Dorset DT11 OHE London SW1V 2HS
tel. 01258 817 495 tel. 0171 233 5966
fax 01258 817 831 fax 0171 233 5866
email: johndavidgilbert@gmail.com email: info@cwac.org
email: cassgilbert@yahoo.co.uk



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